Tips on How to Hire a Limousine and Car Service

This article is about the Limousine industry and simple steps before hiring a Car Service. We will presume the birthday of your husband is coming up, and you want to surprise him with a stretch limousine. You call a service set up a pick up time,make sure no one knows about it provide a credit card number and on the day of service it happens. The driver shows up a half an hour late, the vehicle is not what you requested and you are told on the way back to the house, you will have to wait forty five minutes because another client decided he is going to another club.

In order for the above scenario not to happen, every potential client need to know a few basics and i shall sum them in small paragraphs.

Check with your limousine transportation provider and ask about there safety record for the past three years, and also if they Bradley Airport Limo Service the States required Insurance minimum for Commercial Limousines. I cannot stress enough how this is the most important step in hiring a Limousine service.

Limousine rates should be very reasonable, especially if the vehicle is an older model. As a rule of thumb you can expect to pay between $ 60.00 to $250.00 an hour depending on what type of stretch you get. ” try bargaining with the operator, most of the time you will end up getting a substantial discount” it does not hurt to try.

For some reason you need to cancel the service. Many operators will try to add every charge possible to your Credit Card when you do not give them at least a 24 hour window. generally 25% of the total charge. Ask about their cancellation policy and if you are allowed to rebook without being penalized.

It would be nice if you had the peace of mind on your daughters prom night about who is driving her and her friends to the prom venue. It is very simple ask for a written acknowledgment from the owner that the driver assigned has been background checked.

Make sure to specify exactly which vehicle you want for the event, and ask the operator to include the make, model, capacity and options inside the vehicle on the contract.


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