Seven Bats (Part Two)

“OK, once upon a time, there was a young prince, who loved animals and the animals loved him too!”

“Did he love Tengo as well?” the boy asked the teacher while yawning!

“I’m sure he did, just like you love him!” the teacher replied while adjusting her hair.

“Except there was one animal he did not like. Do you know which animal? Have a guess dear!”

One child at the back said “Spider”, another in the front said “Wolf”; other children mentioned various names of other animals.

“Well, actually none of those animals” the teacher said shaking her head. “It is actually the bat or bats”

“That’s not fair, I like ادرس جدید ولف بت and I like Batman too – Batman will be upset if he hears that” The boy said in a loud angry voice.

Other children also protested loudly and booed the story character, for this reason the teacher quickly said “Please, all of you just wait until you hear the full story!”

A few seconds later the class was quiet, as all the children were waiting to hear the rest of the story!

“One day, the prince decided to invite all the animals except the bats to his palace for his birthday party, which was to be held in the vast park located just behind the palace. He told the birds that lived near his palace, to tell the rest of the other animals to come in three days time for the party”.

“Three days passed and early on Friday morning the prince was celebrating his birthday with all the animals he loved.

“But something strange happened. As the prince was greeting one of the tigers, seven bats landed on a branch of a tree. They hung upside down, as all bats do, and started making lots of noise.

The prince looked at them and he was furious. He never invited these bats to the party, so why were they here? He asked the birds who he sent to invite the other animals if they had disobeyed him and invited the bats? The birds said they never did!”

“What is going on? Why are you here? The prince asked the bats in an angry voice. The bats did not pay any attention to what the prince said and kept making loud noises, which made the Prince very angry indeed! He ordered the bats to leave the party at once, or else he would order the eagles to eat them immediately.

The bats once more did not pay any attention to what the prince said and continued to make more loud noises.

Suddenly, one of the bats flew and landed just beside the prince, and before he had time to react to what had happened, the bat magically changed into a beautiful girl. She was a little older than the prince and was wearing distinguished colourful royal clothes.

The general noise being made by all the animals attending the party stopped completely, as everyone looked with astonishment at what had happened!

The prince was silent, not knowing how to react or what to say; after all he had never spoken to, or made friends with, any girl outside the palace.

Just before everyone finished taking in what they had just witnessed, another amazing and fast transformation took place. The rest of the bats moved and surrounded the beautiful girl and immediately changed into six armed bodyguards.

The prince moved backwards in worried astonishment. This time he was truly speechless.

“This is why you never liked bats!” The girl said to the prince, then continued saying “Who would! Especially if he was witnessing his own sister being changing into a bat!”

“Sister?! I never had a sister and I do not remember witnessing anyone changing from a human into a bat!” the Prince replied with a shaking voice.

“Well, you may not remember, after all you were about three years old, maybe less” The girl replied with clear confidence in her voice.

“Why, my parents never told me that I had a sister!” The prince exclaimed.

“Of course they couldn’t tell you. They were warned not to mention what had happened to me, because if they did, the spell would become permanent!”

“But you have now changed into a girl! How did that happen and why now?” the prince asked in disbelief.

“The spell would end on your thirteenth birthday, when you changed from a boy into a young man. Today is your thirteenth birthday so today also marks the end of the spell” The girl replied as she went to sit beside the prince. The girl continued saying “…and, according to the spell, on each hundred year anniversary, the thirteenth child who arrives to hear our story on that day, will become a Prince or Princess, in order to keep our memory alive”

The teacher telling the story suddenly stopped talking. The children in the class kept quiet as they were waiting with excitement for the next part, but that did not happen. The teacher looked as if she was far away with her thoughts but was staring intently at the boy who arrived today, wanting to be called Prince. This boy! Suddenly she realised he was the thirteenth who had arrived and registered for the class. Not forgetting that this year was her thirteenth year as a teacher!