Japan Leads the Mobile Technology Market

While western designers and manufacturers battle to corner the mobile web market, and while debate rages as to whether the mobile web even has any value to the western world, Japan is surging ahead with its mobile web applications and devices. Those in the know say that Japan is at least five years ahead of the western world when it comes to mobile technology and it seems that despite recent steps forward (3G iPhone) the gap is widening all the time.

Now Jajah, a VoIP service provider has joined eMobile to release a new kind of mobile telephony service that will only be available in Japan (for now at least). The service will run on a handheld device that operates on a cellular data network and Jason Kincaid, from Techcruch IT, believes that it represents what all phone networks will eventually become.

The thing that makes this a rather unusual prediction for telephone services is that the device on which it is used (Sharp EMoONE Ultra Mobile Device) lacks a radio for voice calls, even though it supports an HSDPA high-speed data network. The software developed by Jajah and eMobile gives the data-only device portable phone capabilities. Currently users are able to make outgoing calls, but have to pay a monthly subscription for a Direct Inward Dialling (DID) number in order to receive calls. And this is what Kincaid believes the future of telecommunications will become – VoIP over data.

But what works in Japan may not necessarily work for other countries around the world, no matter how much experts and innovators may want them to. According to a Techcrunch article by Serkan 토토사이트, there are 90 million 3G in use in Japan and over 70% of the population subscribe to mobile web data plans. Meanwhile only 23.8% of the US population own 3G phones, which is still better than the 11.1% of the European population.

Serkan Toto believes that one of the reasons for the large discrepancy lies in the fact that Japanese companies never tried to recreate the wired internet experience on mobile phones, instead they worked to develop “unique mobile ecosystems” designed specifically to enhance the cell phone experience. In addition, email on mobile phones was enabled from the very start, so people learned to rely on their phones for their emailing needs and largely ignored email features on PCs. Despite some problems – insufficient CSS, lack of cookie support and restrictions by operators and the government – the mobile web in Japan is fast, sophisticated, stable and user-friendly.



How to Make Money Online With Auctions and Classified Sites

There are many opportunities to make money online. If you have lost your job or want to try a different income source, you can make money online.

The benefits of an online business are that you can start for a very small amount of money. There are so many methods that do not require an up front investment. With just a computer and digital camera along with a connection to the Internet you are in business.

The easiest way to make money online is with auction or classified sites. You make money by selling some of the items you already have in your home. This will let you test the waters before you source merchandise and invest any money.

The way to start with auction and classified 토토사이트 is to gather all the stuff around the house that you no longer want or need. Once you have a nice pile break it up into stuff that is easy to ship in the mail. This pile will be your auction stuff to sell. In this pile you want to make sure it is stuff that will sell well at auction. If you feel an item might not be worth the effort to ship or list on an auction site then save for the classified pile. With auction selling the major sites like eBay will charge a selling fee. This is why you want to make sure to have pile of stuff that will sell and that you can absorb the cost of selling it at auction.

The classified sites are a little different. The best thing is that the most popular sites are free to use with not fee charged. You can sell item to people in your local market. This saves the effort of having to package and shipping items. With the classified sites I like to use them for bigger items like furniture, which could not be shipped at a reasonable cost. The classified sites are also great for items that you are not sure what to ask for and even might not sell. Listing them for free you can at least try to sell your item without paying any fees. Another great item to sell on classified site is clothing and baby items.

The amount of money you make depends on the items you have for sale. If you found that you sold your items very quickly and at a profit then you can source more items to sell. The fact is that you will run out of stuff to sell from your own collection. You will need to find more products to sell. In the summer garage sales are a great way to find bargains. You can also try close out stores or liquidators. With a little research you will find many sources to buy product at a low price and sell them for a higher amount online.

Doing a simple Google search brings up many wholesale companies that you can purchase items to sell online. They will ship you an amount of product and then you just have to list it online. You can also find companies that drop ship. This is a little more risky as you will have not control of the shipping process. If the drop ship company makes a mistake it is you that the customers is going to be upset with.

The top sites for selling online are auction with eBay and classified sales with Craigslist. There are many more sites out there and with a little research you can try selling in other marketplaces, but as a new seller online stick to where the most people shop and visits. The idea is to use the sites that bring the most traffic then you will be able to do the same with any other sites you find.